Sewer & Pipe Cleaning


THE BEST WAY TO CLEAN SEWER AND DRAINS: Are your sewers and drains backed up? Are they slow moving? Call Jet Blast® Industrial Services! Using water pressures up to 35, 000 psi and flows up to 300 gpm’s our specialized line cleaning nozzles propel themselves down the line, blasting through virtually any obstruction while blasting debris and build-up off the pipe walls returning your sewer or drain line back to its original capacity. Remember, any size, any length and any material! Jet Blast® Industrial Services is a 24 hour, 365 day service, any time of the day or night we will be there to answer your sewer or drain line emergencies. Don’t like emergencies? Jet Blast® Industrial Service also offers sewer and drain line cleaning “Maintenance Contracts”. To keep your drain lines running at full capacity and trouble free, call Jet Blast® to discuss your needs.
ANY SIZE OR LENGTH LINE: With water pressures up to 40,000 PSI and flows up to 300 GPM, Jet Blast® Industrial Services can remove virtually any material from any size and any length tube, pipe or drain line. We have successfully removed material from process piping, tubing, drain lines and other piping that would otherwise have been removed and replaced at a much greater expense.


ANY MATERIAL: No need to scrap plugged tube bundles and heat exchangers when Jet Blast® successfully removes materials as hard as grout and concrete or even tougher materials! Jet Blast® Industrial Services, using water pressures up to 35, 000 psi and flows up to 300 gpm’s has successfully removed the hardest materials from Tube Side, Shell Side, Small Tubes, Big Tubes, “U” Tubes, Long Tubes, Short Tubes and Spiral Exchangers. Jet Blast® cleans your tube or pipe down to the bare wall and that means top efficiency for your plant.


ABOUT THE COMBO UNIT: This unit is positioned at the manhole with the hose reel above opening. A high-pressure hose, fitted with a steel jet nozzle, is placed into the sewer. Water pressure up to 3,000 PSI drives the hose up the sewer against the flow. A center hole in the nozzle breaks up accumulation in front of the hose as side jets clean the pipe down to the bare walls. When the hose is withdrawn, the water jets flush the sewer clean. Heavy materials are deposited in the manhole for easy removal with the fully articulating vacuum boom. A final jetting of the interior of the manhole with the high-pressure gun completes the cleaning operation.


WHY TIP SELECTION IS SO IMPORTANT: Factors such as the diameter of line you are cleaning, the length of the line to be cleaned, the material that is to be cleaned, is it hard? is it soft? is it granular, how viscous is it? is it adhesive? are roots a possibility? This is just the beginning. Calculations must be made to assure optimum cleaning horsepower is delivered at the nozzle for the efficient time use of man power, equipment and the least amount of plant production downtime. Friction line loss must be considered based on the length and diameter of the waterjet blasting supply line and is an important consideration when picking a nozzle’s flow. All Jet Blast® personell carry an arsenal of tips that provide the right selection to most any line, pipe or tube cleaning job.